Breaking Through Your Comfort Zones

I love Stephanies work, authenticity and honesty and am inspired by her journey x



I went for a beautiful nature walk yesterday with my dear friend Charlotte. We were wandering through the dappled, sunlit woodland behind her land, meandering over bluebell laden pathways, stopping to pick wild garlic and swapping our recent news. I was telling this divine sister how Bali had been for me, what I had learnt about myself and how it had changed me, and she commented “you need to write about this Steph – it’s important because so many of us feel this way!” So in honour of her request, here it is!

The quote above by Neale Donald Walsh – I’ve heard it so many times in my life and whilst I understand it of course, I got lazy within it. I got lazy mainly because I’m quite familiar with stepping outside of my comfort zones in life, going for my dreams, being bold and believing, and yet here…

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