Why following the cycles of the moon can help with your wellbeing.

How are you feeling?

Tomorrow (12th November 2019) is a full moon.

As an empath (someone who picks up on how people or places are feeling) I could be heavily affected by the full moons but have learnt how to use that experience positively just by doing the following below.

If you feel out of sorts and can’t quite work out what is going on its worth starting to note how you are feeling and keeping a track of when the full and new moons are.

Like the female menstrual cycle or the tides the moon has a cycle of just over 28 days.

The moon has a full and new one in each cycle. You can see the impact of this on the high and low tides.

If you track the moon cycle and note how you are feeling, you’ll possibly start to see patterns in your thoughts and feelings. When you are aware it makes it easier to deal with.

It’s a bit like pmt, when you know where you are on your cycle you have an understanding of why you are feeling how you are feeling and hopefully how to look after yourself.

You’ll maybe start to notice that you are always feeling a certain way at different parts of the moon cycle.

Self knowledge for me is akin to looking at a map and knowing what type of road your journey is going to take. If you know that you’re about to turn onto a motorway you’ll drive differently than if you were on a road.

Self knowledge and self aware are the keys to everything. When you take the time to notice them (that’s all mindfulness is (it’s not necessarily meditation), it’s just being aware) ) you take the time to impact your life in a positive way.

It’s definitely full tomorrow, go howl at that moon.

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