Looking after yourself? At the fire alarm or wait until your house has burnt down?

This is really interesting to look at, are there any behaviours on there that you recognise?

All behaviours are symptoms of something deeper.

So if you notice any of these behaviours then get into the habit of stopping and asking yourself what is going on?

Why are you in flight mode?

What has scared you?

It is the pausing and taking time to notice on a regular basis that helps shift your life.

Most stress comes from the fact that people have no idea what they are really feeling and what is going on.

They only pay attention when it gets to a crisis point, pay attention earlier and it will be much easier to change your life.

It’s like ignoring the fire alarm, when you do the house burns down.

It’s much easier to deal with a small fire than to have to rebuild your whole house.

You are important in your life, take notice of yourself ❤


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