Self Care Day 9 – Go easy on yourself 

Go easy on yourself, you are doing better than you think. Whose standards and expectations are you measuring yourself up against? Who said it all had to be done in a certain way, time, place and within a certain budget.

Loving yourself means taking the time to stop what you are doing and give yourself a break, you really are doing much better than you think you are.

What would be the purpose of you setting yourself up to some standard that you never even bothered to read the smallprint on. Stop now and take a moment, just look and see what is stressing you out. Could it be an impossible standard that you have unconsciously adopted.

If ever I have a bath other than a night time I feel like I am doing something very wrong. Baths are meant to be before bedtime. So yes I have this programme running in my head which isn’t a biggie, it’s just about a bath and I am sure I can make the habit of having a bath at any time a relaxing experience instead of wondering when the water patrol are going to arrive. The issue is if you have lots of expectations that are no longer serving you, when are you going to stop and take some time to read the smallprint and throw out some old outdated routines.

You Are Loved


One thought on “Self Care Day 9 – Go easy on yourself 

  1. That’s so true! We often take on things from someone else’s agenda, for good reason, but also take on their expectations too. You’ve got me thinking about the ‘bath police’ now! Love the analogy 🙂


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