Self Love Day 13 – Isn’t it selfish?


If I discuss what my coaching passion is (in case you haven’t guessed, it’s self love) a response I sometimes get is

“but isn’t it selfish to put myself first?”

This would depend on what your definition of self love is.

Some people think it is about being greedy and uncaring,

some think it is about spending all their money on themselves and not thinking about anybody else.

We are inherently wired to look after each other and care for each others needs, its a tribal primordial programme hardwired in our brain. We all have hearts (in the wider sense not the physical sense) and when they are functioning properly you feel so much love for your fellow man that you cannot help but be happy. The problem is that so many people have closed hearts because of pain they have experienced over the years and have lost touch with a sense of who they are.

We are all here with a purpose and so many of us feel bogged down and have lost our way that we literally cannot see the wood for the trees. This can be a sign of a closed heart and a disconnection from who you really are as a person.

Why do people literally go gaga over babies?

Is it because they are just pure love, they are so happy, so content in their bodies and just radiate a feeling that nothing else seems to touch. This is an example of a human being in touch with themselves and having a lovely open heart.

So when we are talking about self love, we are talking about getting back to that sense of peace we can feel as a baby. Can you imagine feeling the love, peace and contentment that radiates out of a newborn? Now imagine a world with everyone feeling like that?

How happy are people when they have visited a baby? Just imagine being in touch with that level of love for yourself and how everybody around you would feel, which is why it isn’t selfish to cultivate self love.

When you have that level of self love other people feel it and it makes them feel better about themselves, which is a much more empowering way to light up the world.

“Lighthouses don’t go around saving people, they just shine their light.”

Fill yourself up and shine.

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