Give yourself the gift of….. 

Half an hour.

It’s the last week before Christmas and you could see yourself riding the waves or going under and spluttering. 

That gift could make all the difference, if you were an investment banker you would be the top dog because the return on your investment of 30 minutes would give you a return that money can’t buy, unflappable at Christmas.

So stop what you’re doing right now and get a pen and paper. Don’t self sabotage by saying “oh I can only do it on nice paper and with my lovely ink pen”. Even if you have to write it on the back of all the amazon packaging (this investment is a great one, it’s not affected by not having the right tools, only the willingness to get on top of the wave that is consumerism season gone mad). And follow these instructions……..

1. Just write out everything that needs to be done this week. Go wild, go on put in all the unachievable barbie world idealistics of also cleaning the bathroom and filling it with scented candles.

2. Now pick the top 10 things that under no circumstances must be done.

3. Now really question yourself, do they really have to be done? Do you really need to have hand made croissants for breakfast? Is there anything on that top ten that is really habit, tradition or because society thinks you should do it. A bit of a clue, if it makes your heart sing and feel really contented then do it. And I mean a real peace not a false I’ll feel better because it’s out of the way.

4. OK split your paper into the days of the week and map in what things are already happening and where can you put those tasks in. Can anything be moved around?

5. OK big one here, because if you’re feeling stressed about Christmas, one reason could be that you are doing it all. Whose doing all of these jobs and can any be delegated?

Keep that plan in sight and review it at the end of each day, will take 5 minutes.

And even if you don’t do this, don’t beat yourself up for being stressed, relax, let go, enjoy and be kind to yourself, you’re doing the best you can.

For daily inspiration to be kind to yourself and be your greatest cheerleader see my Facebook page. 

You Are Loved 


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