More than a feeling

It’s more than a song from Boston …..

Try playing the video and not singing along whilst trying to read.

Your feelings are your best guide to life, but how often do you ignore them or not know how to handle them?

One interesting exercise is to look at how you treat other people’s feelings.

The conversation could go like this …

“He never called and he said he would”

“But he will/ won’t because he doesn’t know what he is missing/has probably lost your number/ don’t worry he wasn’t the one/ there are plenty of other fish in the sea” (insert appropriate comment).

“I know all those things but …”

Logically you know what the person is saying, but this isn’t about that. This is about how you are feeling.

When you are the person expressing how you are feeling you don’t want all the logical answers or explanations; you know all of this in your rational brain. You just want to express how you are feeling.

As soon as the words have left your mouth, the natural reaction from anybody else present can be to give advice. We naturally want to make people feel better, we are a walking talking aspirin. The better thing to be is a sounding board, just listen and acknowledge their feelings.

Try it today, even if just once and watch how a conversation changes, how a connection with somebody else changes.

Just listen, don’t offer advice,just listen, if your brain and mouth are so desperate to say something just reflect back to them what they have said to you. Hand Over Mouth

Watch the transformation.

Watch how difficult you find it to keep that mouth closed.

If you can fight your ego and keep your mouth closed, you will change lives …

Including your own.




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