Self Care Day 10 – Size matters

One of my journaling strategies for improving self love is something that I call Self Love Actions. I am completing a course with Tiffany Crosara (I highly recommend her work and on it we were introduced to what Tiffany calls “Tada’s” which is any action that after you have completed it you would say “tadaaaaa”.

I have been working with these and recently felt inspired to call mine Self Love Actions. You write in your beautiful journal all the actions that you have taken that day that are of a self loving nature. I have been doing this for quite a few months now and have found that it really makes a difference to how you feel about yourself, but I feel that size is important.

Traditionally we only recognise big achievements and anything less than that was not worth mentioning. When building your self love muscle it is important to recognise every little aspect of what you do. In doing so you start to become your own best cheerleader. You are training your brain to look for the positive all the time. It works so well that when you are having a bad day all you need to do is take an SLA pill and it all starts to feel better. A Self Love Action Pill is just you mentally listing all your SLA’s for the last 24 hours and as that starts to flood through your system, the medication starts to work and you instantly start to feel better.

Try it, start to list all the small things you have achieved in a day and over time you will have your very own little medicine cabinet full of SLA’s.


Self Care Day 8 – Nothing Compares To You

People who love themselves don’t compare themselves to others, if there is any comparing to be done it is only ever with yourself when reminding yourself of how much you have overcome.

Look at your life 12 months ago, how did you deal with things then, what things have improved? There will always always be something, no matter how small and speaking of size the smaller the better. A mountain is not climbed in one big leap, it is taken at a pace step by step, moment by moment. If you want to climb this mountain of life take it moment by moment, the slower you are the more time you have to appreciate the beauty around you. How can you notice the delicate flowers when you are running?

Our life is not measured by our breaths but by the moments that take our breath away.

Stop, slow down really really pay attention to yourself and acknowledge the beauty that you are. Whatever it is that you are doing there will always be someone better or worse than you.

Love you, appreciate you and watch other people fall in love with who you really are.

You Are Loved

More than a feeling

It’s more than a song from Boston …..

Try playing the video and not singing along whilst trying to read.

Your feelings are your best guide to life, but how often do you ignore them or not know how to handle them?

One interesting exercise is to look at how you treat other people’s feelings.

The conversation could go like this …

“He never called and he said he would”

“But he will/ won’t because he doesn’t know what he is missing/has probably lost your number/ don’t worry he wasn’t the one/ there are plenty of other fish in the sea” (insert appropriate comment).

“I know all those things but …”

Logically you know what the person is saying, but this isn’t about that. This is about how you are feeling.

When you are the person expressing how you are feeling you don’t want all the logical answers or explanations; you know all of this in your rational brain. You just want to express how you are feeling.

As soon as the words have left your mouth, the natural reaction from anybody else present can be to give advice. We naturally want to make people feel better, we are a walking talking aspirin. The better thing to be is a sounding board, just listen and acknowledge their feelings.

Try it today, even if just once and watch how a conversation changes, how a connection with somebody else changes.

Just listen, don’t offer advice,just listen, if your brain and mouth are so desperate to say something just reflect back to them what they have said to you. Hand Over Mouth

Watch the transformation.

Watch how difficult you find it to keep that mouth closed.

If you can fight your ego and keep your mouth closed, you will change lives …

Including your own.



Keep Yer Knickers On

So the show has started, we had the full moonBlood Moons last night with an eclipse and a blood full moon at that.

Has the pandemonium hit yet?

This will be the most intense fortnight of the century; can you handle it and ride the wave of change that is coming?


The phrase keep yer knickers on means to calm down and be patient, it originates from the expression keep your shirt on. Before modern manufacturing techniques, shirts required a lot of labor to make. Someone thinking of starting a fight might take off his shirt to prevent damage. Telling someone to “keep his shirt on” was equivalent to telling him “I don’t want to fight”.

I always receive images and descriptions of what it is going to be like in laymans terms.

Galleon ShipThis time period is like being on a huge big galleon in a port. Your ship is all ready to sail, you’ve got your crew, you’ve got your food and supplies, you’ve double checked the map and are ready to go. You are sure that you know which direction you want to be heading in.

You know that there is a storm coming that night so you decide to stay in the harbour and set sail in the morning when all is calm. Sensible? Yes ….

You have no idea how big this storm is and no idea how it will rock your boat and your world. One of the problems is that when this comes (it isn’t just a tidal wave it is a Tsumnami) it will completely cover your galleon and turn it around so when you awake in the morning you need to check whether your ship is facing the right direction?

Some of you will decide to bed down for the night and sleep through, some of you will be stood on deck not wanting to miss a thing.

This period of eclipses, grand crosses, new and full moons is all about which direction your life is going in. You have an opportunity to really think about this.

When I talk about a change of direction this does not necessarily mean that you have to actually physically move or change your outer circumstances, maybe it is just  looking at your inner world. Are you happy with the thoughts and beliefs that you carry?  They create your world and you need to know that the current ones will continue to create the world that you have been creating thus far.

Do not panic if you do not know which direction you want or what you want to change in your life, just having an awareness that something is not sitting due north is enough. This awareness will set you sailing in the right direction.

Big KnickersSo over the next 2 weeks you may find that people, situations and crises all come to the forefront. The key is to remember your grounding, sleep on things before you say them, try not to overreact. Yes there are things that need to be said but deal with the emotion first and then see what is the truth underneath. In other words “Keep yer knickers on”.

Having an awareness that you will be tested over the next few weeks and keeping this at the forefront of your mind instead of your ego screaming for action will give you safe passage.

Happy Sailing and remember to check which way your galleon is facing.





Get your spacehelmet on the rocket is launching

This April there are lots of things happening astrologically; Pam Carruthers ( a great astrologer is doing a free webinar next Thursday to go through what it means and how it could affect you.

Kept behind in class

There has been a lot happening energetically and lots of people have felt it in different ways. Some have felt they have been kept behind in class to redo their homework. Issues in your life you thought were sorted have kept coming up to be reassessed, some with a teachers big cross against it.

In May the rocket launches; there has been a good reason for the delay, there always is with the universe. This feeling of being kept behind after school has all been about checking your travel plans.

Have you got your bags packed, double checked that your passport is up to date and in the right name and is this the right flight for you to be on? Once this rocket takes off there is no turning back, you don’t want to be zooming off into outer space and looking out of the window saying “oh bugger it wasn’t Venus I wanted to go to it was Mars”, it’s a long way back!

So check in with yourself; a great friend of mine Christine Levy introduced me to this and it has been a life saver. Checking in every day

  •  Are you where you want to be?
  • If not are you at least travelling down the right road to get to the place that you want to be (if your heart is in the North and you are travelling down the M6 southwards, is it time to turn around).
  • If you are not where you want to be, are you taking actions which eventually would take you down the right road. If you are facing the right direction when the energies take off, you will at least be taken in the right direction.
  • So if you are unhappy with your career have you at least started to put a plan into place even if it is a plan to help you find what you want to do.
  • Are you happy with the people you have in your lives, are they the people who you want to take on your space ship; if they are have you got the right connections with them, are there any untruths needing to be spoken about? Once you get out into space, any loose connections or blockages will come flying at you both, it is much better to get them checked out whilst on solid ground.

This is a very important time in your life for checking in with yourself on every area; time spent doing it now will save lots of hassle later on. You may get to Venus and quite like it and think” ooh maybe it is not such a bad place after all”, but if your heart was intent on travelling to Mars there will be some sorting out to do . Take time this weekend to do an inventory check of your life – what areas are you happy with and what areas need some new thinking. If you are not even sure what areas of your life are, then have a look at a wheel of life. Happy checking in Jennifer xxxx Wheel of Life